You may or may not follow me on instagram and facebook and you may or may not know I'm working towards teaching online classes. I am, the process is slow but until I perfect my vision for the classes I thought I start blogging about some of the images I capture. Give you a behind the scenes view, if you will. I hope you find the information helpful, I really hope it makes you think about the process and what you are trying to achieve with your vision.

I am self taught for the most part. I took one class for macro photography and it BLEW MY MIND! I don't look at the world the same, what I see is all the details. I have always been a detail person, but after that workshop I see so much more. Afterwards I was driving home and my head was reeling, everything turned on. The clouds were amazing, the outlines of the trees, the cars, buildings, flowers...literally everything came to life for me. I changed on that day. I had a purpose, a vision and a love to create again. I could not wait to get home and play, with anything and everything.

I hope I can create a spark for you. I hope to light that fire that burns so hot you can't wait to get out and find new treasures to photograph.

As the weeks go on, I will pick one image to talk about. I will walk you through the process of how I went about creating it. It's not earth shattering information, but maybe you'll find a tidbit you can walk away with, maybe the light will pop on for you. I hope it does, it really is a beautiful thing when everything falls into place.

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