Finding you...

How do you find you? There are millions of photographers and a million more images that have been created by those millions of how do you find your own niche? I can tell you when I first started photographing, I practiced every single night. I spent hours and hours discovering the camera, my vision and honing my skills to get where I am. I wouldn't expect you to spend that kind of time, unless you have it. If that's the case then get after it :)

My time was plentiful at that point in my life, but not so much these days. You would think with COVID that I would have an abundance of time on my hands, but I don't. There's the business side of life, posting, writing, videoing and so on. All these things take up a good portion of the day and family takes up the rest. No complaints though.

So, how do you find you? You work it, feel it, see it and most importantly do it.

How do you work it? Spend as much time as you can. Find a flower you are drawn to and practice, practice. Don't just photograph it while it's fresh, photograph it as it changes. Photograph it to the end of it's life.

How do you feel it? That's really part of the first point of work it. Because you found a flower you were drawn to. Because you are drawn to it you feel something, right? If you don't, then are you really drawn to it?

How do you see it? Seeing all that this flower can offer. The beautiful stamen, the petals, the stem! The colors, movement...the shape. All this is part of feel it. When you view the flower, how do you feel? What makes you feel the way you do? Is it the petals, the color, the shape? Narrow it down.

Doing it, this is simple. Take everything you've locked into above and photograph.

Keep photographing it and keep finding new flowers to play with. Practice, practice, practice.

You will get to a point when you will instinctively know how you want to photograph, you will see it in your head and feel it.

I'll tell you a story from my own experience. I started this journey when my husband passed. The time I spent and the images I took were my way of working through grief. I was looking for peace, I needed to turn off that voice in my head and escape my reality. So I photographed every free second I had. I didn't realize it, but the peace I was seeking was felt by everyone that viewed my images. I had know idea. One day a friend said to me, you should have your images in a Spa. They are so beautiful and relaxing to look at, they would be perfect. It was not until that moment that I really looked at the images I had created and realized what others were seeing. You may be the same, you may be relaying how your feeling without knowing it. So don't get frustrated, stick with it and it will happen.

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