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Backgrounds, a subject that can be talked about forever. There are so many things to take into consideration, I thought it might be worth posting a little more about. I've been going through my images trying to find some with less than desirable backgrounds so you understand to what to look for when photographing.

There are several things wrong with this background. In the upper right corner at the top there is a very dark spot, below that is a white and orange blob which is distracting mainly because it's lighter than the subject. This is the same reason the dark spot at the top is not a good thing. Another distraction is the darker shadows between the leaves, I'm not fond of either. The shadows between the leaves are really not a big problem but the do distract a little.

This is another image taken at the public gardens and this sweet little hellebore was a little farther than I would have liked. I tried to isolate with the foreground but that didn't work. There is a rock on the right side that is lighter than the rest of the area, which draws your eye to it. I could clone out the rock, that's not a big deal but I really can't do much about the rest of the image. Not the best image but a good example of what not to do.

You may or may not agree with me on this image. When I saw what was happening to the light on this anemone I could see the image in my head. When I viewed it on my camera, I loved the contrast between the anemone and the background but not so much when I saw it on the computer. The contrast I was initially drawn to is a bit overwhelming for my taste. The black area behind the anemone makes the contrast a bit too strong. If the colors in the rest of the image were behind the anemone I may feel differently. It's too bad because I think it could have been a stunning image if everything fell into place.

The best advice I can give you on backgrounds is to become detailed. Not detailed in the sense of creating detail, but detailed as in creating a mental checklist of what to do or not do when you are shooting macro. Because the area you are photographing contains a lot of soft detail one small item can take away from your subject.

That's it for this weeks blog. I hope the images above give you more to think about when you go through your mental check list before you push the shutter.

Foreground, background and focus 3 things to think about when shooting macro.

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