Preparing for summer fun!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

So this weeks blog is guessed it preparing for summer!

Lots happening in the garden this time of year. I cleaned up all the winter debris hoping to avoid the powdery mildew outbreak I had last year. I've been reading up on how to get rid of powdery mildew so I will be working towards that in the next several days.

I also planted 72 pods of seedlings...first time I've planted from seeds!

They are already sprouting, I just planted them last Saturday and now I already have little baby plants. I hope they provide me with ample subjects as we move from spring to summer. I have my spot picked out and the planter waiting for dirt. I'm holding off so Tony has time to finish the patio on that side of the yard. It will be almost impossible to move the planter once it's full of least without damaging it. So while I wait for Tony to do his part, I've been preparing my part.

I have a vision of what I'm hoping to achieve this year. I really wanted something different to photograph. I get bored photographing the same thing all the time. What did I choose? Well I picked out plants I am drawn to, surprise, surprise! Flowers and plants I believe I want to photograph and I believe they will provide lots of interest in the garden as well give me lots of cut flowers for the summer.

I was so excited as I was going through all the flowers to pick from! I could have bought a lot of seeds and for my first time I probably did. But they are all so beautiful!! I want to photograph ALL of them! I love the unique, the common, the colors, and shapes...this is why I get into trouble at the nursery.

I see a flower and I want to bring it home. I can't resist a dahlia with wavy petals or Queen Anne's Lace and summer just isn't summer without sunflowers! You might think I have a large garden, but I don't. I did at one time but that was a while ago and now it's a very small little garden.

This is my garden, we put in last year it's not that big. As the plants started to grow, it filled in nicely. I don't want it to become overcrowded. I want the flowers to breathe, I want to walk by and see the beauty and smell them. I want to touch them and I want to photograph them. All of them. I do love to create beautiful unique bokeh and having lots of foliage will do that. Overcrowding can create some amazing bokeh, but it can also create other problems. Like plants in front of other plants, unwanted petals crowding your subject...and the list goes on. Oh and don't forget disease! Overcrowding can also lead to more disease in your plants.

Sorry, I'm get back on track I thought I'd share a little about what I did to mark the seeds. When I initially started I wasn't sure how I was going to mark each section of seeds. I have 72 pods, 10 packs of seeds and planted 7 of each package. I needed something that would stand up to the water because the seeds need to be misted. So I decided to use my archival sharpies. I colored the tips of toothpicks and then put the color on the seed packet. So far it's working out well, the toothpicks are not bleeding at all. See below

I'll keep you posted as things develop,

not much about photographing this week. However, as the new seedlings develop and then bloom there will be lots to talk about.

I hope you have a great week and I hope you are as excited about spring as I am!

Stay healthy,


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