I'm going to share the tools I use. Not because I think you need to purchase a tripod, macro lens or ball head. Because I know I'm going to get asked.

Let me say first none of these tools will make or break your photographs.

A good tripod that allows you to move the way you want while photographing is a joy to work with.

A good ball head will allow the same, if you don't have to fight with it you will enjoy photographing more.

A good macro lens will help you achieve better bokeh as well as the 1:1 ratio

Please remember...YOU are the most important tool, without you there would be no photographs.

Your creativity,

Your uniqueness

YOU are the key

So here it goes...

I use the Nikon D750 camera and primarily the Nikkor F2.8 Macro lens. I have other lenses I play with but my go to lens is the Nikkor Macro. Can't tell you how much I love this lens.

I use the Gitzo Explorer Tripod, for me this was a game changer. All my friends were landscape photographers. How they use their tripod was a lot different than how I used mine. I was fighting with my old tripod all the time. I could not get into position. I fought with my old one until I knew I had to make a change.

I use the Acratech Ball Head, this was the other game changer and it was for the same reason I love the tripod. It allowed me to push the positions I could photograph in.

There it is, the tools I use.

Have a great week of photographing!

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